Progressing one jump at a time

pre 1900s
The Beginnings
Bungee as we know it all started with a small group of individuals from the Pentecostal Islands of Vanuatu in the Pacific who have been throwing themselves from huge towers for centuries with nothing more than a few vines tied to their feet as a measure of manhood!
Construction begins
The Victoria Falls Bridge was constructed under the Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company and is the brainchild of Cecil Rhodes as part of his plan to build a railway from Cape Town to Cairo.
Construction finished
The Victoria Falls Bridge was completed.
Modern bungee Jumping
The first modern day bungee jump was completed by a group of daredevils from the Dangerous Sports club at Oxford University and was done off the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, UK. This then set into action a worldwide craze of people wanting to throw themselves off high structures attached to nothing but an elastic band!!
Bungee in Victoria falls!
Shearwater Bungee was originally set up by Kiwi expatriate bungee jumping enthusiasts in early 1994, who were taken aback by the beauty of the bridge and it’s near perfect construction for a bungee jump. Although the early jumps were slightly different in the fact that each jumper was lowered into a raft below the bridge, the thrill remains the same and it is as exhilarating as ever, while saving you the burden of walking out the Batoka Gorge!! (We recover you back to the bridge now days!)
More Adventures
In 2007, we expanded our offerings to include a Bridge Swing, a Bridge Slide and a Bridge Tour, all of which are operated from the Victoria Falls Bridge in No-Mans land, between Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Always Improving Safety
Over this period of time (29 years), the knowledge of the safety procedures and the operations of bungee jumping including bungee cord building was passed on from the experienced management team to the crew through training. Many of the current crew onsite and employed by Shearwater Bungee have been here from the beginning!