Swinging between heights, bridging adventure and adrenaline.

Swing, Rock and Roll off the famous Victoria Falls Bridge which is one of the most iconic landmarks in the area. Take a leap of faith before freefalling for up to 70 metres before you fly out over the raging rapids of the Zambezi River in a huge arc with the mighty waterfalls rumbling by your side… what a thrill!

Our crew offers clients the most fun & adrenaline packed Swing while keeping you “alive and kicking” (literally).

Options include: Forwards, Backwards and Tandem… whichever way you choose to swing into no-man’s land!

Includes exclusive access to the walkway platforms under the historical Victoria Falls Bridge.

$168 per person (solo)

$263 (tandem)


Bungee Jump
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Bridge Slide
Bridge-slide-6 (1)