The bridge has a maximum height of 128m.

Experience four seconds of adrenaline filled free fall.

At Shearwater Bungee we try to accommodate all and provide jumping with a full body harnesses 

the maximum weight allowed is 120kg

You are welcome to invite your friend to join and watch your jump

The bungee cord is made up of a core made out of elasticated rubber and an outer braided sheath

Crocodiles can be spotted near the bottom of victoria falls though sightings are rare

the minimum weight allowed on the bungee is 40kg

At Shearwater bungee we take your safety seriously. If you have high blood pressure, it is generally advised to seek ap approval from a medical professional 

the minimum ages are the following

without a parent:

18 Years Old

with a parent:

14 Years old


Shearwater bungee is open for business from 9:00 am to 4:30pm

jumpers will have a recovery cord attached to them afteri their jump where they will be raised up to the recovery platform

Safety is taken very seriously, and that’s why we train our crew extensively and strictly so you can jump worry-free.

Our crew has lunch break from 13:00hrs – to 14:00hrs

You will need a passport in order to obtain a special pass but your passport will not be stamped

There is no jumping when its raining