The Bridge is 128m high, but the bungee itself is 111m of pure adrenalin.

4 seconds of mind blowing freefall!

Yes you can! We can fit you in a full body harness and so there will be no pressure exerted onto your knee’s!

Our maximum weight is 120 kg’s.

Absolutely not! In the 250 thousand bungee jumps we have done, nothing has even come close!

Yes! They can either stand on the bridge and get the close up view, or they can watch you plummet while sipping on a cold beer in our Bridge Café.

Bungee cords are made from Extruded Latex Rubber and comprise of two components, the inner ‘wraps’ which are the strength of the cord, and the outer ‘binding’ which keeps everything in place.

Very rarely! Only very small crocs survive the fall over the Victoria Falls.

Our minimum weight allowed on the bungee is 40 kg’s

We advise against it. Our number one concern is looking after your safety, so if you suffer from high blood pressure, we would recommend something a bit tamer, like the Bridge Slide.

Our minimum age for bungee is 14 years.

We are open every day from 9am, and go all the way through to 5pm.

After your jump, we will send a recovery operator down to come and grab you. You will both be winched back up to the bridge, so no hiking out the gorge required!

Our crew undergo a rigorous training program, and all of our Jump Masters have over 10 years or 5000 jumps worth of safe operating experience.

Yes. We break for lunch between 1pm and 2pm every day.

Generally you will get to within 20 meters of water.

The river below the bridge is between 10 and 30 meters deep.

Any form of identification will suffice. Just advise the Immigration officers that you are going to the bridge and they will issue you with a ‘Bridge Pass ‘.

Definitely possible! We prefer if you have had some jumping experience before, but there is only one way to find out!

While it is raining we pack our cords to protect them from moisture. Normally rainstorms only last about half an hour, so be patient….we’ll make sure you jump!